Sandro Marzo’s AWARDS include Albert Kriemler (Akris) Fond Prize at the Academy of Art and Design Basel 2011, Best Newcomer at the Design Prize Switzerland 2014 and the Swiss Design Award 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Basel-born designer Sandro Marzo established his namesake label in 2012 shortly after graduating the Fashion Bachelor course at Academy of Art and Design Basel. He has since steadily evolved his vision and work philosophY, and carved out a unique position amongst the city’s talents and continues to earn both critical and commercial success globally.

Exploring concepts of uniform and liturgical clothing, marzo’s creations are known for their steady evolving simple, yet rigorously considered signature garments such as the Heavy T-Shirt. The material dialect sandro marzo speaks strongly reminds the rural, rough and barren southern italian landscape where marzo’s roots lie.

Marzo’s distinct offering has earned the label a loyal customer base. Marzo’s creations also resonates within wider creative spheres. His designs have been featured in the exhibition of Contemporary Swiss Design Excellence in Boston 2014.